Premium Display: Premium Display delivers for sophisticated or experienced digital marketers demanding premium results. Layered targeting, daily campaign optimizations, and multi-faceted bidding strategies (CPM, CPC, CPA etc.) deliver greater reach with lower eCPMs and CPCs, and drive better results.

Multi-platform and network-agnostic: Find your audience wherever they are. View-thru reporting, spotlight tagging, CPA campaigns and other advanced capabilities, along with sophisticated daily reporting and detailed geographic breakouts give you unparalleled insight into your campaign's performance. Reach more potential customers, and generate more results per dollar with premium display!

Mobile In-App Advertising: Your potential customer spends more than 50% of their screen time on a mobile phone or tablet. Of that, 80% of that time is spent in mobile Apps, not in their browser.

Find customers where they are, whether that's looking up the weather, streaming Pandora Radio, or playing Words with Friends. Custom, precision geographies and advanced psychographic targeting let you reach the exact people you want to reach — driving 2-5X the response rates of typical display advertising.